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CAMP's White Box: Dead. Long Live the Red Roof!

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Dropped: the Presidio Trust's Main Post Update, a little bedtime reading telling us the past, present, and future of the glorious beating heart of the park. Note that this is neither a new rendering of Don Fisher's art museum (meaning the green roof seen above may not mean much), nor is it the less interesting, but still relevant, environmental-impact report. That said, let's jump to the meat: the white box design of the museum is decidedly gone. "The architectural style of the new buildings will be compatible with the simple, straightforward architecture that characterizes the Main Post, but the detailing and design will be differentiated from historic Main Post buildings." Also:

The two new buildings for the art museum will be located on different sites to lessen the visual impact of new construction. They will be connected by an underground tunnel.

The new construction on both sites will be modulated into volumes that are in scale with the adjacent historic structures. Building materials will complement the Main Post material palette and respect the color and texture of the adjacent historic buildings.

However, the Trust will apparently be treading lightly here, explicitly stating they won't be creating a "false sense of history with the design of the new buildings." New construction should be differentiated from historic buildings, but use "either the traditional red roof and Presidio White color scheme or use colors and materials that will make the new buildings recede."

A couple more points of note:
· With part of Doyle Drive going underground, the Main Post will get "panoramic views."
· The vast parking lot currently in the Main Post will disappear, with parking spaces behind buildings and lots elsewhere maintaining the same level of parking.
· The "spatial character" of El Presidio's plaza de armas (from Spanish colonial times, naturally), just south of the art museum, will be restored.
· Despite a passionate plea from the bowling center a couple months ago, the Presidio Trust was apparently unmoved— it's still going away.
· New construction roundup: museum gallery building, museum art storage, lodge, restaurant/cafe, Presidio Theatre, Presidio Chapel, heritage center/archaeology lab

And now, we await with bated breath the new CAMP design. Will the roof be green or red? And how dramatic will the move from iPod white to Presidio White be?

UPDATE: The Presidio Historical Association, which has long been opposed to CAMP, sent out a press release with their reaction to the new documents. They seem surprised that the art museum or whatever's still involved: "We are very distressed by the Presidio Trust's decision to promote the construction of a massive contemporary art museum, large hotel and theater in the heart of the National Historic Landmark District on the Presidio's Main Post. ... By refusing to even respond to suggestions of concerned citizens that the Presidio Trust work with the public to shape an acceptable alternative, the Trust can expect the predictable result: continuing strong, broad and deep public opposition to these new plans."
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