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Hunters Point Projects Will Get a Fat Injection of Hope

The San Francisco Housing Authority will get a $17 million care package "within weeks" courtesy the federal stimulus, says the Chron, out of a nationwide $4 billion for public housing. First up: Hunters View, the public housing project that was once graced with the designation of worst in San Francisco, and indeed one of the worst in the country. Just in time, too— if the place was bad before, it can't be any better now:

Squatters have moved into some vacant units. Pigeons have moved into others. Those units still occupied by rent-paying families continue to be plagued by thick mold, rats, cockroaches, broken plumbing, and crumbling walls and ceilings. "Sometimes I come home, and my house is full of water," said Tessie Esther, head of the Hunters View tenants' association. "We need to be moved, and this place needs to be torn down."

Yeesh. Let the tear-down begin: private developer John Stewart Co. will be in charge of replacing all 267 public housing units, plus building new affordable and market-rate units. Work will begin later this year and occur in phases, to be finished in six or seven years— enough time to forget all about the "worst in SF" scarlet letter?
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