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Construction Watch: The J-Pop Center's Exoskeleton

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Hey, remember this guy? That's Viz Pictures' J-Pop Center at 1746 Post St., just across from the hot mess of J-town's indoor malls. Their website's still targeting summer 2009 as the opening for the center, which means they'll probably have a good hustle on their hands in the coming months. With the promise of hard-to-find anime and manga exports and perhaps even a sprinkling of high-tech robots, the J-Pop Center just might end up becoming the geeky otaku epicenter that the ghost town Metreon's always dreamed of being— and we're thinking the planned 150-seat movie theater will have a higher geek-to-seat ratio than even an Apple store at Macworld high tide. Bust out those anime shirts, friends, it won't be long now!
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Japan Center

1737 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115