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CurbedWire: Alien Hieroglyphs, Eco-House in the Sunset

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THE MISSION: Fun with temporary public art! "Bluerain" hangs at 176 Julian St. before flying this Sunday to the London School of Economics Library, its future and permanent home. Over 23,000 LEDs make up a marquee of alien hieroglyphics: "You cant see it in the cell phone picture above but the lights are a cascading flow of record titles, recent library acquisitions, and current online searches conducted within the library to the public outside the building." You're right, we can't see it. Motivation to catch it in person? Brown paper bag reception 6 p.m. tomorrow. [Curbed Inbox]

THE SUNSET: Builder Helmut Schmidt has done himself a sustainable home in the land of the fog, and would like to share his wisdom on all things eco via eponymous blog Sustainable Schmidt. There'll be an open house this Sunday to show just how green the house is. We trust there won't be an exhibit on how to crib power from your neighbor. [Curbed Inbox]