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Affordable Housing du Jour: Diversifying in NoPa

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The SF Business Times takes a look at one of the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp's latest projects: the Zygmunt Arendt House, 47 studio apartments for formerly homeless seniors. Location: a mildly surprising spot in North of Panhandle, at 850 Broderick St. The affordable housing nonprofit normally builds in the Tenderloin, but this is what they call "de-concentration of poverty," which sounds something like the opposite of "spreading the wealth." As we've noted before, the TNDC's on a bit of a tear with their affordable housing projects; according to the story, work begins this year on 1400 Mission St., 210 studio apartments across from the finned building at 1390 Mission. The money's got to dry up sometime, though— as money from an affordable housing bond runs out, four (!!) other TNDC projects will have to go on the backburner.
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