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Transbay, Central Subway Will Probably Get Stimulus Juice

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The federal stimulus is nigh, and the Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission has released a report estimating who's going to get how much. (They're the ones who will actually dole out transpo money here when it becomes available.) Top of the list: the Transbay Terminal's underground train station ($125 million), the Doyle Drive makeover ($90 mil), a tram connecting Oakland Airport to BART ($70 mil), and the Chinatown Central Subway ($20 mil). Lots of plans: the agency's estimating a total of $460 to $700 million for transit, and another $629 mil for roads and highways. They also suggest "giving top priority to projects that preserve existing infrastructure, then expansion of new infrastructure, safety projects and finally getting maximum efficiency out of highways." It's like Christmas all over again. That Christmas your aunt gave you so much infrastructure, remember?
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Doyle Drive

, San Francisco, CA