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No Time to Waste: San Francisco Stimulates Itself

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Gavin has outlined a "totally paid for" local stimulus plan for the city, a package of nip/tucks in taxes that's meant to "get things moving." The fount of cash: according to the SF Business Times, millions of dollars the city already receives from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department. (So what were we doing with that money before?) And the plan: payroll tax credits to businesses that add new jobs, micro-loans to small businesses, and a 50 percent rebate on property taxes for things like equipment or office furniture (bought in the city). Next, Gavin will bring his stimulus proposal to the Board of Supervisors, where rock star Nancy Pelosi will bulldoze a fleet of House Republicans to push the plan through. Oh wait, wrong story.
· Newsom announces stimulus plan for S.F. [SF Business Times]