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More Renderings: Inside Japantown's J-Pop Center

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Here's that J-Pop Center at 1746 Post St. again, shining like a beacon in a benighted Japantown— hell, in this development environment, let's just say a benighted San Francisco. What kind of anime and manga could be drawing these couples out on a cool summer's eve? We don't know, but judging from these new interior shots, the place looks decidedly more trendy art gallery, and less Hello Kitty. The red entrance, by the way, references the torii, a traditional gate to Japanese temples.

From the J-Pop people:

J-Pop Center will be a shrine to Japanese pop culture. Situated along the spine of Japantown--one of only three surviving in the country-- the goal is to help revitalize this important San Franciscan neighborhood with a new 140+ seat theatre, retail, and office complex that reflects contemporary Japanese culture and design. The theatre will showcase manga and live-action Japanese films not screened in mainstream cinemas. The retail and office tenants will be Japanese businesses aimed at introducing modern popular books, films, music and other cultural amenities to the American public.
No robots in the renderings, sadly.
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Japan Center

1737 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115