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Gavin's Blog: Taller Mission Condos Are Legit, OK?

Gavin's writing a "Corrections" blog! Or his spokesman is, anyway, and the inaugural post goes after the Chron for what Gavin calls a "misleading article" about what went down over the extra height allowed to the New Mission Theater condo project. If you'll recall, a clerical error conveniently gave the project an 85-foot height limit rather than a max of 65 feet; the Board of Supes tried to fix it, only to get vetoed by Gavin. Meanwhile, the project's developer, Gus Murad, has been linked to the mayor via the nefarious phrase "politically connected." Here's what the Gav has to say about all this:
The height reduction proposed by this ordinance is inconsistent with the Planning Department’s and Commission’s original recommendation for the site. ... Mayor Newsom’s staff, working with Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s office, made good faith efforts to amend this ordinance to address several of the policy concerns raised by members of the Board. ... These attempts at compromise were not accepted. Based on all of the above factors, the Mayor determined that a veto of this ordinance is in the best interests of the City.Nice, but something tells us the Chron won't be rushing a correction out.
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New Mission Theater

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