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Two-Way Hayes: Coming Soon to Your Evening Stroll

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In an effort to slow down traffic— presumably for the kind of pleasant, neighborhoody strolls that activists often seek— a stretch of Hayes Street and a few other one-way streets are being named as candidates for conversion into two-way streets. Note that the conversion of Hayes has already been written into the recently approved Market & Octavia plan; the main hurdle now appears to be in the how. The first, and apparently preferable, choice is to simply convert the one-way portion of Hayes between Van Ness and Gough into a two-way street and add an evening, bus-only lane, while also widening sidewalks by three feet. But fearing this might push too much traffic onto other streets, there's also an Option B consolation prize: keeping the stretch one-way, but widening sidewalks by five feet. The other streets being studied for two-way conversion? Ellis and Eddy in the Tenderloin, Folsom and Howard in SoMa, and McAllister north of Market. Yeah.
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