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'Just Cause' Legislation Passes, But Gavin's Got His Veto Ready

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The proposed law that would have created a laundry list of "just cause" check points for landlords to be able to legally evict tenants: passed. But it passed without a veto-proof majority, and Gavin's already promised a veto on this one. The law would otherwise add the same 15-point "just cause" list that currently applies to all the city's rent-controlled apartments — that is, for buildings build in or before 1979 — to all buildings in the city, just without the rent control. According to the Chron, property owners showed up to speak out against the measure, but were vastly outnumbered by tenants and tenants' rights groups. The guy who voted no and cost the board their veto-proof majority? Perhaps one day to be our mayor!) Bevan Dufty, who said he was afraid of the law's "unintended consequences."
· S.F. tenants' victory likely to be short-lived [SFGate]