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Academy of Art Auto Collection Bound for Old Mercedes Showcase

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Above: the old Mercedes showcase at 950 Van Ness, at times a Halloween pop-up store, more recently a Smart car showcase and then even more recently, just nothing. In the last couple months, the building has seen progressively more movement inside, with workers cleaning up behind a shroud of plastic wrap, and now scaffolding and a spray-on tan. As Curbed reported a couple weeks ago, the building has a solid future ahead of it — permanent home of the Academy of Art's classic auto collection. The connection between the collection and the art school can be confusing to passersby, but word is that not only is it the private collection of the family behind the university, but the school itself has a car design program. So there you have it. Makes total sense. Anyway, the city's currently exploring whether the collection could be open to the public, according to comments made by a planning commissioner last month.
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