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SFMOMA's Planned Expansion Is 5 to 6 Years Away... Perhaps!

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To take on the late Don Fisher's prized art collection, SFMOMA plans a new wing — but the nearest they have to a target date for that wing is "five to six years," in the words of the museum's director. Still, even that sounds like a guesstimate, given the very embryonic stages the planning's in. Next spring, a list of potential architects will be put together, and the museum will go knocking on their doors asking for their visions. One thing seems like a sure bet, according to the Chron's John King: the original architect, Mario Botta, is probably not going to get top billing on the list of possible suitors. The director compares the "generosity and welcome" of SFMOMA's new rooftop garden by Jensen Architects to the... well, the design of the museum itself, circa 1995. In any case, it'll be a tricky job, squeezing between two other buildings from the current building's backside. Godspeed, SFMOMA.
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