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Early Bike Gifts for the Wiggle Rider, and Union Sells 29 Homes

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THE WIGGLE, ETC.: And the press goes wild: big names were present and accounted for yesterday for the painting of the Scott Street "bike box," which puts bike riders front and center at the stop light so they don't get mowed over by right-turning cars. Commenter manys: "MAYOR VISITS CITY." But seriously, the partially undone injunction against bike infrastructure (undone at the stroke of Thanksgiving!) has unleashed no few sudden additions to the city landscape. Witness above the a bike lane segment on Howard, a temporary bike corral, that very bright bike box, a protected bike lane on Market, and a whole new one on Scott Street. [Curbed Inbox]

THE MISSION: Recently launched Union, the double-building development courtesy Palisades, has sold 29 homes in the three weeks they've been officially open. One anonymous buyer's reason for biting: it's the "right location in an up-and-coming neighborhood" and it's "a beautifully designed building with solid construction." [Curbed Inbox]


2125 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA