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Copper Condos and Cottages Are Unleashed on the Inner Sunset

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The copper condos of the Inner Sunset have been under construction for a couple years now, having taken the place of an auto body shop. (We're always replacing those with condos, aren't we?) Behind the shop were two sorry Victorians that have been given the spit-and-shine and also given a third sibling. But the unit on the MLS today looks like one of the front units, a 3-bed, 2-bath, 1,455 square footer. There's garage parking in the back, underneath the new "plaza." Architects Hamilton & Company on the design, which splits the front building into a Tudor Revival on the left and an Art Deco "riff" on that on the right: "We had quite a bit of fun with this." Totally. HOA dues are $605 and the asking price for this unit is $1,255,000.
· 1327 7th Ave #8 [Redfin]
· 1327 7th [Hamilton & Co]
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1327 7th Ave., San Francisco, CA