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Lembi Profile Redux

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That 8,000-word magazine piece on the CitiApartments empire that Curbed first devoured last week is now online for your Sunday morning reading. Our first round with it worked up some heat in the comments, but reader Jim Brown has the last word on the Lembis: "They are a hard-working, partner-based family operation. But even sychophantic apologists should concede that some of their business practices have been ruthless and repugnant. Certainly there has been some hypocrisy in running up two-plus-year bills with vendors and not paying construction workers while at the same time seeking to evict rent-controlled tenants on late-payment technicalities. And using Eraserhead associates to goon on tenants should not be considered best practices, even by the most anonymous class-conscous landlord toady." [San Francisco, via SocketSite]