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2-Bedroom Russian Hill Pad for $1,600, Disaster Zone Included

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File under: rental bargain bin, or rental shenanigans. This is a 2-bedroom "prime Russian Hill" apartment at 818 Green St. The place last rented for $2,600, but has now been "gutted out ... to the stud." For $1,600 a month, one lucky tenant gets the place, as long as he or she puts in the blood, sweat, and tears the place so sorely needs — and that apparently the landlord can't muster. Fair is fair though: "For every dollar you put in, (we) will double it for the rent credit toward the last months of the lease." Readers, what say you? Ridic, or all's fair in love and renting?
· $1600 / 2br - need renovation [Craigslist, via Curbed Inbox]

818 Green St., San Francisco, CA