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Transit Center Video Reveals Stuff We Know About, in Sexy Detail!

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Via the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association blog is a somewhat old (but new to us!) Transbay Transit Center video, with animation work done by renderporn wizards Steelblue and Neorama. The video features all our transit parties playing nice together in a wondrous fantasy composite: Caltrain, high-speed rail, and buses alike. There's a bustling market downstairs, a businessman doing work on Wi-Fi before he catches his train to L.A., the famous funiculars, the "light wells," escalators to the rooftop park, and so much more. Plus gratuitous sex shots of Pelli Clarke Pelli's skyscraper, because that's what the Internet's for.

· Transbay Transit Center Animation [YouTube, via RHNA]

Transbay Transit Center

85 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA