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Muni's Parking Meter Plan Raises At Least One SPUR Eyebrow

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Hey, one of the pro-transit teams sounds a little more cautious about Muni's meter-extension program today. By increasing meter hours in certain neighborhoods into the evening and on Sundays, Muni hopes to rake in an additional $9 million, which couldn't hurt given the agency's projected $47 million shortfall. That money, in theory, would help fund transit — which generally makes transit advocates happy (and that's not even to mention the fact that the rule would put a shorter leash on cars in general). But SPUR, which tends to fall on the transit side of things, questions whether Muni should be leaning on fees as a "panacea" for transit funding. Muni, for its part, insists it's not just about that: increasing turnover during evening hours would also reduce circling for parking, which in turn would reduce car congestion. But it would also help with that shortfall.
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