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Victorian Has a Romantic Disney Rendezvous On Alamo Square

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Then: $1,850,000
Now: $1,749,000
You Save: $101,000, or 5 percent!

Pointy turret and princess-dress yellow: the 3-bed house at 850 Steiner has captured the perfect mind-meld between old-school Victorian and Disney fairytale. The 4,425 square foot interior has tons of period detailing too. The address has its own picture-perfect spot in the city, even if it's not quite the postcard we're used to just one block down. That's probably a plus though— at least you'd know a certain wireless carrier isn't using your house in an ad about more bars in more places.
· 850 Steiner St [Redfin]

850 Steiner St., San Francisco, CA