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Newish Embarcadero Condo Has Pretty Nice Views, But No Buyer

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The big blocky guy at 733 Front St. was adapted for condos by local firm Heller Manus in 2007, and has a total of 69 units inside. The 1-bedroom, above, resides on the sixth floor, and has now been hoping against hope for a buyer for more than half a year. Unit 602 started off asking just a hair under a mil at $999,000, but has lost more than $100K on its still unfulfilled journey for a buyer. It's got views of neighboring Walton Park, and possibly with a little tiptoeing, the private courtyard of the brick building next door. That's what we pay for, right? That said, there are actually two ways in to the promised "cosmopolitan lifestyle" at the moment: rent it for $3,000 a month, or buy it for $895,000, with a $537 HOA.
· 733 Front St #602 [Redfin]

733 Front St., San Francisco, CA