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Transbay Center Messed Up to Begin With?

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Petitioners are linking arms against a possible Beale Street terminal for high-speed rail. Not everyone's on board, though. Commenter andyduncan had some harsh words for the planned Transbay Transit Center, and on Christmas Eve no less: "The station as designed will not fulfill it's original goal of providing a downtown terminus for Caltrain, imposes unnecessary operational and physical constraints on HSR, and does all of these things at a staggeringly inflated cost. ... Instead of lambasting a 'schizo' CHSRA, why aren't you asking your politicians and city planners how they managed to screw up something this big and this expensive? Ask them why they listened to politicians instead of engineers when they rejected any location other than the basement of the existing (Transbay Terminal)." [Train Lovers Fed Up With Beale Street Shenanigans, Start Petition]

Transbay Transit Center

85 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA