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Crissy Field Center Getting Ready for Temporary Prefab Digs

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John King writes about a new Crissy Field Center in today's Chron: it's not so easy to get things built in San Francisco, he writes. Surely that's even more true in our sensitive Presidio — but attach the word "temporary" to a project, and even a contemporary fella like the above Project FROG design should sail right in. It probably helped that the only reason the center has to move to begin with is the $1 billion Doyle Drive rebuild. On a tight timeline, renovating another old Presidio building would have been an iffy proposition for the center. Instead, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy opted for prefab mod for the temporary homebase, which will launch in February. Once Doyle Drive finishes its surgery, the Crissy Field Center will move back into its old house. Downside: everyone hates moving.
· Crissy Field Center moves quickly into new home [SFGate]

Crissy Field Center

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