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Pier 36 Scheduled to Disappear, Big Green Lawn to Take Its Place

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It's not too often we see projects that work quite like the one above, but maybe what we're seeing in the Brannan Street Wharf project is actually an excellent metaphor for the screeching halt in development. OK, actually the Brannan Street Wharf has been long in the making, a nice green lawn as replacement for Pier 36 and the previously demolished Pier 34, around where Brannan meets the Embarcadero. It was Prop A, passed early last year, that brought funding to the creation of the parky wharf, among a laundry list of other park improvements totaling $185 million. Besides the big lawn, the typical park stuff's planned for the wharf: art installations, chairs and benches, you know the drill. Plus! A small craft float for kayak and rowboat launching. Construction's figured to take around 21 months.
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