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Bernal Heights Potato Head House Has A Round, Brown Head

Spot some architecture that has a doppelganger somewhere else? Alert the design patrol!

How much do we love Mr. Potato Head and all his variations? Darth Vader Potato Head, Indiana Jones Potato Head... and now, Bernal Heights House Potato Head, with a big honking square bay window for a nose. Bit of a stretch, granted, but 510 Franconia gets points for its domed brown head, surely. The "tranquil Bernal oasis" has been on the market for going on a month and a half now. It was built just over a decade ago, and has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a total of 1,765 square feet. Bernal Potato was sold only three years ago for $1,010,000, and is now asking for the decidedly humbler price of $995,000.
· 510 Franconia [Website]

510 Franconia St., San Francisco, CA