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Showplace Square Aims to Accessorize with Green Spaces

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The 400-unit Daggett Place development in Potrero Hill that we featured earlier this year is going to end up part of a larger Showplace Square open space vision that's in middle of the planning process right now. If you'll recall, the project proposes a smallish park that cuts through the center of the triangular development — such green space is turning out to be the key gift that P. Hill residents are giving themselves in the planning process for this neighborhood vision. In some cases, residents have expressed interest in eating away at "underutilized" pavement areas that already belong to the public, and turning them into more park space, if not generally fuzzier and friendlier space. Jackson Playground, for example, could annex land in a couple different directions, turning some parking spaces into a dog run or picnic area. Each individual project in the plan is projected to cost from somewhere in the low $1 million range to upwards of $10 millionish for the larger projects — but more planning's to come in the meantime.
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