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Dandy Menswear Brand Black Fleece Gets Go-Ahead in Pac Heights

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There were no hard feelings after all for Pac Heights' proposed Black Fleece, which just got the rubber stamp last Thursday evening. The ruckus a couple months ago was over the store's corporate ownership — Brooks Brothers is considered a chain, or "formula retail," by the city, and thus subject to the requirement that its stores ask for special approval before opening. The Black Fleece at 2223 Fillmore, however, would only be the second one in the country, which led the brothers Brooks to believe they'd have no trouble opening. Trouble there was, and the city kicked up a small fuss. According to the company's rep here, "being somewhere where no one wants you is not a very good situation," but apparently that turned out not to be the case. Black Fleece would be primarily menswear, and the rep noted that Fillmore currently has no "true" menswear store. The Planning Commission applauded the company's work with the neighborhood and signaled an OK, though one commissioner did note that on that street, "additional formula retail, as nice as they may be, may become a concern at some point."
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