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Back to the Grid in Potrero

Pedestrianist follows up on the redesign of the Potrero Terrace-Annex housing project, describing the area's evolution from sparsely populated street "grid" to the diagonal ribs we have today: "The less-than-concrete nature of this grid made it susceptible to the changing whims of city planners. When the Potrero Terrace-Annex housing projects were built in the '40s, the streets were reconfigured according to the latest fashion. 60 years of history have shown that the winding, meandering roads that hugged the terrain did not foster a quiet bucolic atmosphere, but instead created indefensible spaces where outsiders didn't feel comfortable passing through." The new plan aims to fix all that by reintroducing a real grid to the project. What would O.J. think, we wonder? [Pedestrianist, previously]