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While LindenHayes Gets Ready, 300 Linden's Got a 2-Bed for Rent

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Recently anointed LindenHayes in Hayes Valley is just months away from occupancy, so the still relatively new building at 300 Linden down the street might tell us how rent rates might look for the newcomer — not to imply that LindenHayes would ever turn to renting or anything. The 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath, tri-level loft has a "generous" master bedroom and a "fair size" loft bedroom. There's one parking spot included, and there's a west-facing deck accessible from aforementioned loft. Rent: $3,750 a month. Yeah, it's Hayes Valley.
· Dramatic TRI-Level LOFT-Heart of Hayes Valley [Craigslist]

300 Linden St., San Francisco, CA