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Potrero Housing Project Killing Diagonals for Neighborhood Feel

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Among the public housing projects slated to be totally remade sometime in the next several years, Potrero Terrace-Annex has been slowly working out a new identity for itself. Architects Van Meter Williams Pollack are on board, and have sketched out ideas for integrating the project better with the surrounding Potrero Hill neighborhood. The plan is to tear down the existing 606 low-income units and, indeed, replace them (assuming existing residents will have the patience to move out and move back in). But up to 1,700 more units will also land at the site, some combination of affordable and market-rate rentals and for-sales. The timeline's set sometime far off in the future — as the first public housing project to be remade will be Hunters View, after which it's undecided who's next in line. According to The Potrero View, the goal is to present the new Potrero Terrace-Annex to the Planning Commission by 2011 (practically only a year from now!), with construction "unlikely to begin before 2013."
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Potrero Annex and Terrace

25th St. & Connecticut St., San Francisco, CA