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A One Rincon Hill Condo Joins the Exclusive Under 500 Club

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Then: $530,000
Now: $480,000
You Save: $50,000, or 9.4 percent!

This 25th floor condo at One Rincon Hill has been on the market now for about three months. Price chopped in late November to $495,000, the listing's just been dropped another $15k, totaling almost 10 percent off the top for the 1-bedroom, 605 square foot place. That takes it a solid chunk below our bar for the Under 500 Club. Welcome, One Rincon Hill! There are, at the moment, a total of 10 listings from the Ionic Breeze tower holding fort at the MLS, averaging just over a million each.
· 425 1st St #2504 [Redfin]

One Rincon Hill

425 1st Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website

One Rincon Hill

425 1st St., San Francisco, CA