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Noe Valley Contemporary's Owner 'Will Carry 1st Loan' for Buyer

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It's not on the MLS, but the modern house at 622 27th St. in Noe Valley is workin' Craigslist anyway. The tri-level, 3-bedroom place got a couple words on SocketSite back in October, and has its latest Craigslist ad up as of yesterday. The property was had back in 2003 for $1,599,500 — and after what we imagine to be a pretty significant transformation, courtesy architect Mark Brand, the address is back now for nearly a million more at $2,349,000. Nothing in the ad says anything more about this, but the title says the "Owner Will Carry 1st Loan." Hmm!
· Owner Will Carry 1st Loan – Ultra-Contemporary View Home [Craigslist]

622 27th St., San Francisco, CA