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The Last Available Condo at 77 Van Ness Is Looking for Renters Too

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Two months ago, we noted that Civic Center's newest, squarest condo building at 77 Van Ness had scored somewhat of a bittersweet victory by selling nearly all of its units within half a year of launching. Bittersweet because they'd perhaps cut their prices to the bone in order to move them so quickly. When last we checked in, there were seven listings in contingent mode, with only one still fully active. Today, there's just one active and one contingent. Unit 504's the straggler, an 850 square foot 1-bedroom selling for $569,457. This time, just in case they need a warm body in the unit at all costs, there's also a rental listing up: $2,695 a month, with a $3,000 security deposit.
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77 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA