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Oakland's Jack London Square: Success Story or Slow-Motion Fail?

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"I would say it's a possibility that the project will succeed. I would not say that it's a probability." So says a real estate consultant of the Jack London Square redevelopment in Oakland, in a Chronicle story today that follows Wall Street Journal's piece three weeks ago about Ferry Building imitators. In an effort to draw more "refined tastes," the developers of the project have indeed been going more Ferry Building — ending leases with restaurants like T.G.I. Friday's, and trying to bring in more restaurants like "pan-American" grill Bocanova. The question's whether success will come after the economic storm passes, as there were doubts even before the recession whether there'd be enough foot traffic to sustain a bustling marketplace of food and drink. Conclusion: little, but apparently visitors from Danville and Walnut Creek like Jack London Square for its parking.
· Jack London Square's future remains uncertain [SFGate]