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Live/Work Lofts Get Building Reassignment Surgery, Go Commercial

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After a nearly a decade in the making, the non-condos of 1250 Missouri in Potrero Hill are making the rounds on Craigslist. Well, non-residential condos anyway. To sum up: developer Joe Tierney was awarded a permit in 2001 to build retail space for "bulky merchandise." But somehow, for some reason, the building went live-work instead (a building type long ago banned in San Francisco), with neighbors spotting bathtubs and kitchen stuff going en masse into the building. The owners got an emphatic spanking from the city, which insisted that if they didn't clean up their act, they'd never be allowed to sell their whatever condos. Now there's a new listing on Craigslist advertising 36 "commercial condos," each with a "half bath" and open floor plan, starting at $199,000. And each, it bears stressing, "Non-Residential." Seems 1250 Missouri's seen the error of its ways! Now, who's going to bite?
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