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Inside the Strange World of Market Street's Superb Art Museum

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Boom: one of Curbed SF's enduring mystery's has ended — somewhat. The long-in-the-works "Superb Art Museum of America" at 1025-1029 Market St has for just as long been completely sealed, with no word whatsoever on what was going on in there. But this morning, a reader passing by the mystery storefront saw the "doors of heaven open." And inside was probably nothing anybody would have guessed. Foam rock formations! A bridge! A moat! (Sounds like our previously rumored "creek.") Rope cargo nets! A "Classical Greek looking ticket counter"! Quoth a nearby crackhead: "Shit! is this going to be a nightclub?!?" That, or some sort of gimmicky visitor attraction. To tickle our noggins, the building use on a number of recently completed permits at the address is listed as "retail sales."
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International Art Museum Of America

1023 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 Visit Website

Superb Art Museum of America

1025 Market St., San Francisco, CA