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Developers to Start Paying for Transit, Biking, and Walking

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A tweak to state law is going to make it so that developers would pay into a transit/bike/pedestrian fund, rather than make piecemeal payments to fix roads. The changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (the first in forty years) would allow San Francisco to take another step further in going "transit first," as is the city's slogan or something. Right now, if a project's determined to have impacts on traffic, developers are asked to make roadwork improvements at their building sites. But that approach might be a little outdated, given the citywide challenges that other methods of transportation face. Says SPUR: "This is really a smart way that we can use development to make our transportation system better. Instead of looking at very small mitigations near the [project] site, we could collect money to build out systematic improvements." And for the care and keeping of our favorite Muni lines.
· Developer fees to aid SF’s transit [SF Examiner]

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