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On the Ground at the Cathedral Hill Hospital on Van Ness

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Presented with the caveat that things may change in the approvals process: the Cathedral Hill Hospital on Van Ness! But more specifically, what it's supposed to look like on the street when the 555-bed hospital and the medical office building across the street actually get built. Verdict: the hospital maintains a street presence similar to the now-closed Cahedral Hill Hotel's, but loads up all the sidewalks with trees. Cedar Street, the alley just north of the proposed medical office building, even gets a green wall and, peculiarly, a ton of office workers hanging out in the shade. Plus, that bus stop for the 38 Geary's looking amazingly pleasant in comparison to what's there now. Tune in in five years for Rendering vs. Reality...
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Cathedral Hill Hospital

1101 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA