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Rumormongering: Sea Cliff House Is Tom Cruise Crazy?

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Rumors are flying that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have bought a Sea Cliff home on the down low, after SocketSite floated a tip they got last Friday. The 5-bedroom home at 300 Sea Cliff Ave. had previously been one of the San Francisco's most expensive homes — at one point having been listed for $25.9 million. It recently went for $18 million, with the rumor attached that none other than Mr. Cruise was the buyer, though SocketSite also wonders whether their tipster is "pulling our leg." In any case, The Real Estalker has discovered that the buyer is one Tawaraya LLC, a high-end accounting firm in Walnut Creek that serves "a small number of ultra high net worth individuals." The plot thickens! (Though given the $18 million price tag on the house, that shouldn't be surprising.) A few contortions of logic later, and the blog suggests that the buyer might also be one Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Don't keep us so hot in anticipation, truth diggers! Robin Williams wants to know who his new neighbor is too.
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