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Cathedral Hill Hospital's Going In for Another Hearing

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The New Fillmore reports that the Cathedral Hill Hospital — taking the place of Cathedral Hill Hotel, which just closed this past weekend — returns to a commission hearing later this month to take another shot at getting approval. Last month, the hearing stretched into the witching hour when neighbors of the proposed project commented long into the night. Among the arguments against: "the proposed scale and scope of the Cathedral Hill project will overwhelm our neighborhood and gridlock the Van Ness corridor." But California Pacific Medical Center has their own ammo: 7,000 signatures on a petition to build, baby, build. Their take: the project will be green, it'll have a new Women's and Children's Hospital, it'll create a shit ton of jobs, and it'll involve a rebuild of St. Luke's in the Mission, all without a dime of taxpayers' money — though, to be fair, the St. Luke's point did take a little prodding from the city.
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