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PriceChopper: The Mission's Carriage House Two-for-One

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Then: $1,295,000
Now: $1,199,000
You Save: $96,000

The 4-bed house plus carriage house on Capp Street previously featured on Curbed's That's Rather Lovely is now approaching its 2006 sell price of $1,085,000. As commenter wrote back in September, "I think it is overpriced for what it is and it seems ... zestimate seems to agree ($1.1)." Close, so close! Will Capp Street's carriage house combo special dip below 2006, meet it, or sell at its new price?
· 428 Capp St. [Redfin]
· That's Rather Lovely: 4-Bed, Plus Carriage House in the Mish [Curbed SF]