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CityPlace: 7 Juicy Stories of "Value" Retail for 2012

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It's coming! CityPlace, the five-story mall brought to Mid-Market by Urban Realty, which is also the landlord for Ross just up the street. The draft environmental impact report went up yesterday, describing in full detail the project, which will be located at 947 Market St. CityPlace will require the demolition of three currently vacant buildings, and will actually have seven levels of retail, including a mezzanine and basement level, plus two underground parking levels. Urban Realty's also considering a frontage on the building's backside facing Stevenson St, with an area reserved for small stands, like newsstands or flower kiosks. The building design, by Gensler, is shooting for LEED Gold.

A few of the project's goals are in order, then:

• Create lots of new retail space with "large floor plates" to draw in "value-based retailers." There's been talk, let's say, of a Target going in here, but with the bull's eye on the Metreon now, the story may be a little different.
• Increase pedestrian activity in the Mid-Market area
• Build a "high-quality building with contemporary architectural design that reinforces the 90-foot streetwall height of the most significant buildings"
• Provide off-street parking for big shopping trips

If everything gets the thumbs up, construction's planned for spring 2010, for occupancy to begin in summer 2012. David Addington's going to be so excited.

UPDATE: Three hot new renderings!

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