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Haight to Ditch Hippie Reputation, With Hippie Museums

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Movement in the Haight: a story in the Wall Street Journal today talks about two museums in the works for the neighborhood. (Save the jokes about the dead condos on Stanyan for a moment!) The first is a "library museum" of the Haight's free-clinic movement, started in the '60s. The museum, to be mostly funded by founder David Smith and by membership fees, would be located at 1692 Haight St, on the corner of Cole and Haight. The second would document the neighborhood's history, spanning from its farming days to the Summer of Love in the '60s. Local artist David Wills is seeking funding for that museum from high tech entrepreneurs (paging Steve Wozniak!), though the site doesn't seem to have been quite nailed down yet. Both are planned for openings after 2011 — in the meantime, says the story, residents say they're "eager to most past the neighborhood's 'hippie theme park' reputation."
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