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Flashback: Planned Archstone Rentals in SoMa

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Way back in 2007, the SF Business Times reported that rental developer and Fox Plaza owner Archstone was about to buy the big Golden Gate Transit parking lot on the northwest corner of 8th and Harrison in SoMa. The parcel would go for $35 million, and that particular era of San Francisco construction would have made it look very attractive indeed for something like the above: up to 720 rental units designed by Kava Massih Architects for the 3-acre site. Fun fact: at one point, Target was looking into the lot too! ('Course, if things go well at the Metreon, they'll get their San Francisco store anyway.) At the moment, there's nothing in the housing pipeline indicating a project at 350 8th, so perhaps Archstone's (wisely) waiting for a thaw in the market.
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