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Too Tall, Too Wind Tunnelly: 1415 Mission Faces SoMa Wrath

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A 14-story, "affordable upscale" development at 1415 Mission in SoMa would be way too tall for the neighborhood, say online petitioners, and they've gathered 93 signatures as of today to say as much. Developer R&K Investments and Heller Manus architects plan a 130-foot-tall building at 10th and Mission, but nearby residents and workers have dug in their heels, saying that the building would block light and views, and in one case "absolutely interfere with the way I do my job." The petition insists instead that "the proposed building, whether commercial or residential, should not exceed 65 feet in height." Concerns for the wind tunnel effect also abound (as with the nearby Fox Plaza addition), though the recently released environmental impact report calls the building's total effect a wash, claiming the wind speed would "increase at 10 locations, remain unchanged at six locations, and decrease at 11 locations." Verdict: pending, though considering the cumulative effectiveness of online petitions in general...
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