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Green Light on a Few Miles of Bike Lanes, Hundreds of Bike Racks

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The three-year-old injunction against any bike infrastructure in the city has been partially lifted, Streetsblog reported last Wednesday just as we all bolted for our four-day weekends (just like last year!). That means, well, actual if very modest movement on a citywide project that's been stalled for three years now. While the city argued that the certification of the bike plan's environmental impact report meant that the injunction should be completely kicked to the curb, the judge wasn't quite willing to do so before the hearing set for June. Instead, he went the compromise route, allowing first-year priority projects that are said to be completely reversible, if in fact the judge should later rule that the projects should be undone. According to Streetsblog, that means 10 of the prioritized Bike Plane projects can move forward, encompassing about 3.7 bike lanes miles of bike lanes!, "hundreds" of bike racks, and sharrows, those bike arrows on the road that teach us sharing is caring.
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