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Happy Holidays! We're All Thankful Lennar's Doing Just Fine

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Megadeveloper Lennar has been tasked with cleaning up not one but two former Navy sites in the Bay Area. The first, and our favorite by far, Hunters Point/Candlestick Point, and the second, Mare Island Shipyard in Vallejo. Given the wobbliness of the economy, in particular for people who put houses together, it might worry city leaders that one company, and one company alone, has the job of reforming these depressed areas. But as the Chron reports, Lennar's in great shape! The partners in the Vallejo project have already dropped out, but they themselves are still going strong. There are the usual cost overruns and lower than projected revenue intake, but who doesn't experience that? In the meantime, everyone appears to have confidence that the housing developer won't have too much trouble creating a neighborhood from scratch on a Superfund site.
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