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PriceChopper: Almost $100K Shorn Off Odeon 1-Bedroom

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Once: $795,000
Then: $699,000
Now: $698,000
You Save: $97,000

This unit at Union Square's Odeon, designed by MBH Architects, has had a bit of a rough go. Starting at $795k, it's tumbled gradually by 10K to 20K increments, finally losing almost $100K over the course of a year to get to its current price. Blares the listing: "Reduced yet again!!!" Because when it doesn't move, try and try again, the old adage goes. The 1-bed, 1-bath unit has 1,076 square feet, homeowners dues of $563 a month, and boasts probably a little too much proximity to all the tourist action.
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