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Top-Floor Condo Simulates That Elusive Boutique Hotel Feeling

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One of the 36 luxury condos at 1635 California, just off Van Ness, has hit the market. The building was built in 2005, making it somewhat of a special case in that whole Nob Hilly/Polk Gulch area. The 2-bed, 2-bath unit (word is it's tiny) is on the top floor, has one parking spot, and claims "fabulous VIEWS," while the building itself has a "tranquil interior courtyard with lovely fountain and garden" and a "stylish entrance lobby and elevator like a boutique hotel." Kudos for the blue-sky photochoppage. Asking: $699,000.
· 1635 California St #71 [Redfin]
· 1635 California [Website]

1635 California St., San Francisco, CA