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Man Cave in SoMa Shows the Yuppie Condos How It's Done

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This little "warehouse in the heart of SOMA" is, for once, the kind of live/work space that isn't advertised as such in a glossy brochure. With a total square footage of 3,750, 472 Tehama certainly couldn't look any more the SoMa part. It's got that now quaint feeling of an (however we shudder to use the word) authentic loft space. Or bachelor pad. Man cave, even, if properly equipped with the appropriate video game consoles and unfurnished just right. According to the listing, the second floor's currently being used as a residence, and if the buyer happens to have that many cars, the ground level can accommodate up to five— not that any transit-advocating San Franciscan would ever have such an arrangement. There's also a workshop and laundry area, and three rooms upstairs. Asking price: $995,000, for $265 per square foot.
· 472 Tehama St [Redfin]

472 Tehama St., San Francisco, CA